Springtime in Brisbane

I know I am repeating myself again (and again and again), but things are simply different here. It’s not enough that we experience an offset of six months in our seasons compared to the northern hemisphere. I understand that and I will eventually get adjusted, I promise. But, as we are in Australia, spring doesn’t start on 21 September, oh no, my Australian host country simply declared the official start of spring to be on 1 September. No relation to solstice or equinox, no, why should we follow what the rest of the world does, this is Australia. And don’t get me wrong, I still find it very charming and agreeable to live here. Things are just – different.

Now, winter here was not a real winter, even if people were talking about chilly mornings, put on their warmest coats, gloves and scarves. Coming from central Europe, a day with daytime temperatures up to 24°C and 7-8°C during the night cannot be regarded as a winter day.

The interesting thing is, that with beginning of September you really noticed an increase in daytime temperatures – and unfortunately also in humidity. And this is just the beginning. By December/January it will be unbearably hot and humid, just when people celebrate Christmas. I am already looking forward to it!