Brisbane goes Oktoberfest

O’zapft is… more or less, even in Brisbane!

Well, the Oktoberfest in Brisbane is just a wee bit smaller than the original in Munich, however they did made an effort here! The Oktoberfest was staged at the RNA Showgrounds, they put up one big tent and sold (near) traditional German food at some food stalls outside the tent. Despite the rain (it was pouring cats and dogs…) there was a nice atmosphere at the venue, they had even flown in a music band from Munich, did some yodeling performances and involved the visitors in some Bavarian-style dance-shows. It was more of a family get-together than anything, and I liked it. The “King of Cakes”, a Bavarian bakery, supplied pretzels and pastries, German bratwurst was served with kraut in bread rolls and decent beer was on offer ranging from lager to wheat beer. It was a real pity that it was just raining, I would have loved to sit outside where they had put up benches and tables (the real “Bierzeltgarnituren”) underneath beautiful, exotic trees. It was my first Oktoberfest far away from home, with ibis birds walking around and beer served in half-liter glasses only. I thought it was fun.

Brisbane goes Oktoberfest!